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NB-IOT building Cellular-IOT

After decades of efforts to bring IOT to common man has been an illusion because it was not always accessible. 3GPP has addressed this and Cellular-IOT called CIOT by NB-LTE is eventually seems to solve all problems. All the more with advent of 5G, it is networked by Network Function Virtualization and every common man can have IOT. How? Please read on. For design details you can contact us.

Here is Table of Content:

•C-IOT Overview
–IOT and its Trends
•Legacy IOT
•5G/3GPP View of IOT
–CIOT end-2-end Architecture
•AP, SCS and Tsp interface
•C-SGN, IWF-SCEF & SCEF T6a Interface
•UE/eNB enhancements RRC & NAS Interface
–NB-NAS Call Processing
•Attach and New NAS Messages
•MO/MT Call Processing
•Connectionless Data Transfer
•Non-IP MO/MT Data Delivery
–NB-AS RRC Call Processing
•RRC enhancements – New Messages
•Suspend/Resume Operations
•RACH Enhancements
–NB-Physical Layer
•IOT Deployment Modes and spectrum allocation
•Sync and Reference Signals
•Uplink channels
•Downlink Channels
–NB-MAC Scheduling
•Downlink and Uplink Scheduling