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5G Sample Question Set1

What are the 5G nodes names which replaces MME, HSS, PGW and PCRF of 4G?

Which Nodes Verify your Slice request list. Name 3 in the order of sequence.

SDAP is a new layer sits between PDCP and which other layer Module?

Which Node Manages IP-address and PDU sessions?

In which layer, SDU concatenations are done? And which layer ensures serial number sequencing by SDU reordering ?

In MAC PDU, what comes first- MAC CE or MAC SDU? Tell in both UL and DL PDU?

What is the MAC header change in 5G compared to 4G?

How many numerology is defines in 5G. Which Numerology is same as 4G-LTE?

In 5G, what is the smallest and  Biggest number of RB possible?

In 5G, what is the smallest and biggest Carrier bandwidth possible.

What is the fastest response possible in 5G, smallest duration between downlink to uplink?

Maximum how many slots are there in 1 subframe? What is the smallest duration of a slot?

In Downlink OFDMA is used. What technology is used in Uplink?

How many symbols do PSS and SSS each take? How many symbols apart do they come?

What is the smallest and biggest duration gap between PSS and SSS possible? Is it fixed always or it can vary?

What are two Non-UE-Associated Messages in F1 between DU and CU?

By which F1 Messages RRC Messages are transferred on F1?

What is the first DUàCU message, when DU is switched ON?

In case some Cells in DU can not be activated, which message is sent to update CU?

Which functionality in gNB selects right AMF for a UE?

Which node selects the right UPF nodes for a UE’s requests?

Among gNB and ng-eNB, who takes the role of Master Cell Group (MCG)? 4G or 5G, and why?

What is the biggest Physical Cell ID which can be assigned?

What is the Max number of allowed in first version of 5G? Scells-?(64), SRB’s-?(8) And DRB’s-?(64).

What is Reflective mapping of QoS Flow (QFI) in SDAP?

What are the new MAC CE’s in Uplink and Downlink, compared to 4G? How many bits is LCID?

5G RLC status PDU introduces E3 bit, what is it for?

What operation was done in 4G RLC but not in 5G RLC and not transferred to PDCP?

What operation was done in 4G RLC but not in 5G RLC and that is transferred to PDCP?

What is PDCP duplication. Why is it done?

What is the main function of SDAP?

How long can the UE context be stored in the gNB? What and how does UE gets connected again to gNB?

How does an inactive UE gets connected to gNB again? What message and content does it use?